Ami Denio

ami denioComposer and improviser Amy Denio has been haunted by music since her pre-natal days, while listening to her mother playing contrabass while waiting in the womb.  Since then, Denio found herself to be a spirited composer and  improviser, and has been possessed with collaborating with musicians and artists from around the world.  She is the founding member of Tone Dogs, Tiptons Sax Quartet, Die Resonanz Stanonczi, Quintetto alla Busara and many other groups.  She's made dozens of recordings, and runs her own label, Spoot Music. She has also found herself playing and recording with ensembles such as Kultur Shock, KMFDM, Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti, Ronin, Zu, Chuck D., and other insane groups.  

File under: new folk, weird folk, super folk, accordion, multicultural music, poli-instrument.


Available here:

OvO: Voodoo Rewoork & Videoo – 180 limited copies

Remixes, covers and reworks of Voodoo song from the "Miastenia" CD, plus an unreleased version of the original song; published in simple 12x12 pro-printed cardboard with voodoo personal 12x7 card and pin. Featuring Amy Denio, Larsen Lombriki, Sparkle in Grey, Luminous, Andrea Marutti/Amon, OvO itself and more... It also contains the video of Voodoo by Invernomuto.