Musician, promoter, artist, creator of some radio and art projects from Belarus. Vladislav represents TV show about alternative electronic music ”Called for the electricians” on local MTV (Belarus). 7 years Vlad represented radio show "The Lost World" (the oldest radio show in Belarus about extreme & alternative music.) Radio "Mir" 107.1 FM Vladislav is main coordinator of.Lostworld webzine and label.
Buben creates some musician groups and projects in diferent styles. Some music projects - (Buben, Prus, Zeroism, Donald dark, Ego, Zhraja, Manstappz, Kein, Shamaniac, Over voltage, Bolshevik, ex Ambassador21…

File under: electronics, dance, beat, eastern star.


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OvO: Voodoo Rewoork & Videoo– 180 limited copies

Remixes, covers and reworks of Voodoo song from the "Miastenia" CD, plus an unreleased version of the original song; published in simple 12x12 pro-printed cardboard with voodoo personal 12x7 card and pin. Featuring Amy Denio, Larsen Lombriki, Sparkle in Grey, Luminous, Andrea Marutti/Amon, OvO itself and more... It also contains the video of Voodoo by Invernomuto.