We make stupid music with the poorest equipment you can imagine. Our philosophy was about the self-making music: it does'nt matter what you have, you can express yourself with sounds and noises without spending a lot of money.

The only problem is: it could be very hard to make beautiful pop songs.

Our songs, in effect, are not beautiful. Many people think that are very very ugly. Sorry.

File under: industrial, cut-up, lo-fi, shit music.


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Der Einzige: Cheap Material Music – 69 limited copies

This is a CD-R containing archive material (1994) from the very early tape, vinyl and computer experiments by Der Einzige, including crazy covers of Nirvana and The Queen; published in a very particular cloth package in collaboration with Palustre Records.

  Harshcore & Der Einzige: The Bujùn Freak Show (split) – 90 limited copies

Split among the freak noisers Harshcore and again Der Einzige, this time 14 years after, in a new jazz-noise version. Between Skin Graft, SPK and The Shaggs; published on a special 18x18 pro-printed cardboard sleeve in 7'' style.