Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo

mb maurizio bianchiAn ongoing solo project since 2006, Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo began to experiment with tape loops, field recordings and ultra-limited self releases. Through someway-melodic harsh noise experiences and video soundtracks he began to extend his work work to remixes, minimal compositions, abuse of guitar layers, droning synths and more beat-sample driven music. Most of the works were released on his own label (Monstres par Excès) and compilations all over the world (Placenta Recordings, Selva Elettrica, Hal Tapes, Nursing Home, Anti-Groupie Records, Super Terrore Z), while he cooperated with various noisemakers like Dental Work, Torturing Nurse, LxVxTx, ioioi, Astral Vomit on split or collaborative releases. He's also a founding member of noise collectives Cassa Ufficio Malattie Tropicali and Teratology. He never believed in art or necessity.

File under: noise, brutalism, Chinoise.

Available here:

A Video Art Project: Remote Control
Part I and Part II - 90 limited copies