Remote Control: A Video Art Project

Volume I audio tracks:
1. Hubert Mensch - R.A.I. mp3 download
2. Eraldo Bernocchi & Mangia Margot - Esposito
3. Claudio Rocchetti - V mp3 download
4. Wooden Veil - Alpine Trumpets After Wartime
5. Sufisama - Black Heart mp3 download
6. Harshcore - Honeysucker
7. Duncan Pinhas - La Buca de Basta
8. Controlled Bleeding - That’s Enough
9. Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo - Il Sogno di Giulio
10. Strotter Inst. - Saubanner
11. LxVxTx - Cortellata

Volume II audio tracks:
1. Goh Lee Kwang - Remove Control mp3 download
2. Marufura Fufunjiru & Christoph Uhlmann - Sex on...
until You Fall Off
3. Freudi - Had Enough of Cinzano’s Cuntdown
4. M.B. / Maurizio Bianchi - Massaidem (part 1)
5. If, Bwana - Remote Cycled Radio
6. Sshe Retina Stimulans - Grand Art Posse in...
7. Zbigniew Karkowski - Wave Trap
8. Yan Jun - Hand Made Memory of Hitachi

Matteo Uggeri - director
Manuele Cecconello - Zapping and video editing
Vittore Baroni - preface


Remote Control - Vol I

Remote Control - Vol II


Out on Sept. 2011 on
Moriremo Tutti Records
and Palustre Records

vhs2 x 45' VHS tape including the above artists songs on the sound track and as video images kept zapping on the thrashest TV channel from Italian public and private television.
Other medias:
link to mov video Video Promo with excerpts from the VHS.
link to mov video Moriremo Tutti Records public performances related to this release.

The title of the release is Remote Control, which has a double meaning of "control from a distance" and "tv switch", and even if it has maybe not exactly a political value, at least is a violent critic, a scorn to the TV media, especially to the Italian television.

The video track consists of two cuts (one per each VHS volume) of 45' of Italian television zapping, recorded in various moments of the week and the day (prime time, morning, Sunday
afternoon, Saturday evening, late night).

Italian TV is one of the worst examples of "entertainment" and "information" in the whole world.
It's mainly owned by a small group of persons that controls political and economic power.
Mainstream and especially Government channels are conservative to the point that some of the
presenters are from the late post-Second World War period.
The voice of opponents is relegated to night-time or even outside the media.
Deprived of its voice, substituted by the lurid sounds of experimental music, the images of the television are completely removed from context and ridiculed until the point that they finally become harmless.