Eraldo Bernocchi

eraldo bernocchi

Eraldo Bernocchi first emerged in the mid 1980's as part of the famed underground
group Sigillum S. After spending the '80s building a cult following throughout Europe
and the Americas, the '90s saw Eraldo steadily expanding his musical partner-ships
and endeavors beyond the confines of the group. Collaborations with Italian artists such as Afa and Almamegretta, as well as the formation of multi-media company Verba Corrige Prod with Petulia Mattioli (aka PM.Koma) raised his profile and began to showcase his eclectic sensibilities. By the close of the 1990's. Eraldo's output increased tremendously as did his visibility. His remix work for groups such as the aforementioned Afa, Scisma, Enzo Gragnaniello and others, Eraldo's SIMM project as well as collaborative work with a host of artists from Mick Harris to Bill Laswell to Toshinori Kondo to Harold Budd to Thomas Fehlmann has grown Eraldo's profile exponentially. As the first decade of the 21st century closes, we'll see the emergence of projects new and old. In 2009, Eraldo and a partner founded Rare Noise Records, the first slate of releases of which included Buckethead's seminal Death Cube K project, a new project from Bill Laswell called Method of Defiance as well as Meditronica (Paolo Polcari and Ashtech) and Eraldo's new project with Davide Teiso; Parched. A heavy slate of releases is planned for 2010 including a new Charged, a Somma live show, Black Engine and many, many more. All this in addition to Eraldo's normal prolific schedule, which includes new and archival Sigillum S material, work with Thomas Fehlmann and a ton more....

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A Video Art Project: Remote Control
Part I and Part II - 90 limited copies