Mangia Margot

mangia margotMangia Margot is a project born at the end of 2008 as a duo drums (Luca Brunello) and bass (Andrea Colbacchini).
The session bass-drums starts an extreme experimentation, far away from every musical reference, trying to reproduce with music the personality of the two components.
The mix of contaminations becomes more and more radical, the sound going to a heavy noise with growing elements of electronic, never forgetting the absolute faith to classical instruments as bass and drums.
Behind the structure of their show (40 minutes of concert and performances), there´s the desire to analyse the reality lived by the duo: the listener is destabilized by the continual changes of rhythm which remove every certitude. The syncope imposes the difficulty to find a repeatable pattern, as the nowadays frenetic life, that continues in his run towards the future that becomes more and more obscure and listless of the past.
The duo has obtained a lot of appreciations by the important bands with whom they divided the stage: Zu, Ovo, Talibam, ?Alos, Ephel Duath, Dyse, Stearica ecc.

File under: math rock, Boredoms, Lighting Bolt, bass and drums.


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A Video Art Project: Remote Control
Part I and Part II - 90 limited copies