Matteo Uggeri

vittore baroni Matteo Uggeri is musically active since 1994 with various projects that include different artistic attitudes. Among them: Der Einzige and Normality/Edge (noise, industrial, experimental music) and Sparkle in Grey, that are now the band with whom he plays on a regular base.
During the years he collaborated with many other musicians: since the beginning with Norm, a group with an almost ‘traditional’ line up, which makes experiments between new-wave and weird experiments, and also with other artists such as
De Fabriek, Urkuma, Claudio Rocchetti, Ether, Punck, Cria Cuervos, Nicola Ratti, OvO e Telepherique, for remixes and other stuff.

His first solo release (2006), under the name of Hue, was "Un’estate senza pioggia" (A rainless summer, published on his own Grey Sparkle label in collaboration with Trazerouno), which mixes field recordings and melancholic sounds of acoustic and electric guitars, glitch electronics and various instruments (organ, didgeridoo…), played by friends and collaborators including Aal, Giuseppe Verticchio/Nihm.

His latest projects are an album in collaboration with Fhievel and Maurizio Bianchi about the concept of 'desert, called "Erimos", a duo project with Nuno Moita/Stilb of Grain of Sound label, and other collaborations with Francesco Giannico, Luca Mauri, Alessandro Calbucci (Sedia/fromHands) and Andrea Ferraris (Ur, Air Chamber, Deep End).

The album with Ferraris, who features also the Japanese singer and pianist Mujika Easel and the cellist Andrea Serrapiglio, is out now in October 2010 on the British label Hibernate.

He's part of the collective Meerkat and he rules the Moriremo Tutti Records label, devoted to weird publications, includind a VHS video art project that involves several musician of the industrial scene all over the world.

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A Video Art Project: Remote Control
Part I and Part II - 90 limited copies