M.B. / Maurizio Bianchi

mb maurizio bianchiM.B. / Maurizio Bianchi began to produce music in 1979, and stopped in 2009. Since 1980 has used electronic equipment with the avowed goal "to produce technological sounds and in such a way to work on complete realising of the modern decadence". In the beginning, he published tapes under the alias Sacher-Pelz. In 1981, William Bennett, head of the band Whitehouse and the British Come Org. label, offered Bianchi a record contract, which Bianchi signed unchecked. It was based on a "joke contract" that Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound had sketched. The contract assumed all rights to Bianchi's work.

Until 1984, Bianchi published on other labels intensively as either MB or simply Maurizio Bianchi, sometimes several albums and/or tapes per year, as well as numerous tracks to compilations.Bianchi became religious and withdrew from the music business. Much of his work is sought today by collectors, especially as they appeared in extremely small editions. In 1998, Maurizio Bianchi started again to make music.

File under: early industrial, concrete music.


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A Video Art Project: Remote Control
Part I and Part II - 90 limited copies