Sshe Retina Stimulans

"In 1993 I have also started SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS (SRS), where I have been dealing with audio and visual extremes of all kinds, generating a pretty significant number of releases for labels throughout the world, as well as presenting stage performances of specifically intense nature.: since then, SRS has been busy sharpening all the edges of excessive dissensions and notions, implying multiple turnovers of neglected, infected and devastated confines.

The SSHE acronym stands for Super Sound High Energy which, when linked to RETINA STIMULANTS is intended to conjure a strong citation of sensorial synesthesia, with hyper intense acoustic frequencies inducing overwhelming visions..." (Paolo Bandera)

File under: perversion & stimulation audio and visual extremes of all kinds



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A Video Art Project: Remote Control
Part I and Part II - 90 limited copies